Maxiswitch control units are assembled in the UK by Maxibright to all relevant UK safety standards. There are two product ranges available, Maxiswitch Pro and Maxiswitch. The Maxiswitch Pro range is designed for the professional gardener where as the Maxiswitch range is designed for the hobby gardener.

Why do I need a Maxiswitch to switch my HID lighting?

For replacement lighting, HID lighting is the most efficient way to provide a light source to plants throughout the various stages of the growing process.

However, with HID lighting comes the need for a heavy electrical load to ignite and run the HID lamps.

Traditional domestic timers cannot be used to switch HID lights, as they cannot handle the high electrical loads needed. Domestic timers will become damaged, or even become a electrical hazard.  The first sign of this will usually be the contacts in the timer welding together stopping the lighting switching off.

The primary function of the Maxiswitch range is to ‘switch’ high electrical loads between the power source and the HID lighting.

By diverting electrical loads from the timer through a contactor or relay, the HID lighting cycle can be managed effectively and safely.

Control unit function

Control Unit Function

Control Unit Function

Which Maxiswitch unit do I need?

As a guide match the switching load to the correct control unit, for example 2 x 1000w Sodium power packs = 10Amps running current (switching load) so a 10Amp control unit should be selected. When a four-gang socket is used the maximum load per socket is 13Amps each. General Maxibright running currents are:

General running currents  
250W 1.25A
400W 2.13A
600W 2.89A
1000W 5A

Quick guide:

Ballast 250W   400W   600W   1000W
MS 10 A 2 Way Relay RT 2 2 2 2
MS 10 A 2 Way Relay RT D/N 2 2 2 2
MS 13A 4 Way Contactor RT 4 4 4 2
MS 13A 4 Way Relay IT 4 4 4 2
MS 13A 4 Way Relay RT 4 4 4 2
MS 20A 4 Way Contactor IT 4 4 4 4
MS 26A 8 Way Contactor IT 8 8 8 4